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I let the beauty of things that I encounter in my daily life inspire me for new creations. Beauty that is hidden and not usually seen on first sight, beauty in the ordinary. The common factor in my work is light in all its expressions, refracted, colored and perspective in reflection. Like catching a glimpse of oil-colors on a plastic product or sunlight creating plays of shadows that I like to call `lightworks`.

For me, this Western civilization is living in a rush, `do this, do that, be superhuman`. With my work, I want to let myself and my viewers take a moment to stand still, forget about time and reconnect with their emotions. Seeing these miracles of nature awakens my spiritual consciousness. It silences my ego that controls me and other people in this Western society way too much. My mind gets pulled out of its daily rush and put back in the presence. When I see lightworks I reconnect with my soul because it also exists out of light, I get enlightened because the consciousness of man is a wavelength just like light. With my work, I want to facilitate a way for my viewers to temporarily escape that rush and step in to a parallel universe of light and experience a moment of reflection. I want the sight of my work to evoke a meditative concentration in the mind.

This often results in visual work where the manipulation of a material (that seems ordinary on first sight) enhances or creates a new beauty. Materials like Perspex or Titanium that are edible by manual labors such as carving and anodizing. Currently I am focusing on the phenomena `light-refraction` through materials such as glass and liquids, how this will develop in to form is yet to be discovered.